Cooper’s Hawk Romance Red


The Cooper's Hawk Romance Red is a sweet, non-vintage wine. The bottle shows American as the place of origin for the grapes, they source grapes from California, Washington, Oregon and Michigan. When you see American on the label that means that grapes grown in more than one state were used. Cooper's Hawk is a winery and restaurant chain located in the Midwest, Virginia and … [Read more...]

WTF !!! Pinot Noir


The non vintage WTF !!! Pinot Noir is a medium sweet wine sourced from vineyards in the Rheinhessen region of Germany. WTF !!! is made by TXT Cellars who also offer LOL !!! Riesling, OMG !!! Chardonnay and CYA !!! Shiraz along with a few others. Rheinhessen is the largest grape growing region in Germany and they have been cultivating grapes and producing wine since Roman times. … [Read more...]

Pizzolato Moscato Dolce 2012


The 2012 Pizzolato Moscato Dolce (sweet) is sourced from organic Estate vineyards near the town of Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy, not far from the area that produces the Glera grape used in Prosecco. This Sparkling wine uses indigenous yeasts to induce fermentation, thats the yeast that is floating in the air and already on the skin of the grapes and not only is this … [Read more...]