Santa Barbara Landing Chardonnay 2009

Santa_barbara_landing_chardonnaySanta Barbara Landing Chardonnay made exclusively for Trader Joe’s by Bronco Wine Company, the makers of Charles Shaw (2 Buck Chuck and many other Trader Joe’s wine labels) The grapes are sourced from Santa Barbara County, California, that is about all the information available, but at $3.99, you just have to take a chance. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color is pale straw yellow.  The nose is juicy peach mixed with pineapple, a slight touch of citrus and a light floral note, not bad for a 4 buck wine. Not a complicated Chardonnay by any means, but what is there is quite drinkable. Peach and pear upfront with a kind of a Dreamsicle (the orange sherbet outside with vanilla inside ice cream on a stick thing) flavor rounding thing off. There is a bit too much acidity happening, it’s not a well balanced wine, but the taste is good enough to overlook the flaws.

The Santa Barbara Landing Chardonnay would be a very good choice for a party wine, it is cheap, has a pleasant fruit flavors, it is a very assessable wine for folks who are new to wine and it won’t offend your highbrow wine friends.


  1. Yvonne says

    Where can I find Santa Barbara Landing Pinot Noir/
    Trader Joe’s is where I bought it but they are out of it.
    I live in Itasca, IL 60143. It is good wine. Please let me know where i can get it.

  2. Doug Mason says

    I love your Chenin Blanc (spelling?) I usually stock up on either regular or dry. from Trader Joe’s. They have had neither for some time now. Will Joe’s have either of these great wines again?
    Thanks for you interest.

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