Trader Joe’s RSVP Brut Sparkling Wine

Trader Joes RSVP BubblyTrader Joe’s $5.99 California Bubbly. Trader Joe’s literature says the wine is 92% Chardonnay and 8%Shhh…it’s a secret”, since there are only a handful of Sparkling wine producers in California, I would imagine what the 8% is would be a direct tip-off to who made this Bubbly. The RSVP is made in the Methode Champagne style, which indicates that the second fermentation occurs in the bottle, this is the most labor intensive and costly method to make Sparkling wine. The alcohol content is 11%.

The color is light golden yellow with plenty of bubbles. The nose is limes and tangerines with a floral background. A touch on the sweet side, fresh pear flavors, a little lemon/lime and a hint of buttered toast. The RSVP runs the gamut of Champagne textures, sweet and sour, tart and then creamy, fresh fruit and yeasty bread. There is a lot going on with the RSVP, but it does not have the depth of the best Sparkling wines, but that is not much of a knock for a Bubbly selling for less than six bucks.

A very good Champagne-style $5.99 wine. The Trader Joe’s RSVP Brut Sparkling wine is an awesome buy for weddings and holiday parties. There are no “issues” with the RSVP Brut, it is good tasting, it is fun and it is a bargain.


  1. Joyce says

    Schloss from Trader Joe’s is our current favorite. Just found a sparkling called ” Coastal Vines” Sparkling wine but unable to find it in stores. It’s served in tons of restaurants. Bronco wines is the distributor and they suggested Trader Joe’s “RSVP” Brut sparkling.
    Will try it today and see if it’s any better than Schloss or Coastal.

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