2010 La Finca Malbec

2010?, this baby was still hanging on the vine not too long ago. 100% Malbec grown in the Uco Valley of Mendoza in Argentina, by Finca La Celia, a 100 year old winery. This Malbec was made by Finca La Celia to be sold in the U.S. by Trader Joe’s ($3.99). The La Finca is a young, easy drinking, inexpensive wine with a relatively light alcohol content of 13%.

A nice dark black cherry red. A fairly simple nose, some blueberry, raspberry, a little bit of a grassy note. Very clean on the palate, black and blueberries, not complex, but the fruit is bright, fresh and tasty. The tannins are very subdued, Malbec can be a tannic wine, but not the La Finca. A light dark berry finish, that does not last very long.

I like my Malbec’s with a little more oomph, than the La Finca. Too simple, too light-bodied and missing too much of what I like about Malbec. It’s not a bad tasting wine, what is in the glass is pretty good, I just wish there was more going on in the glass. With that said, I feel silly complaining that a 4 dollar wine isn’t rocking my world.


  1. Mrs. Dale Johnson says

    Interesting assessment. I just tasted this wine today and my first thought was “it’s thin”….now I understand why I thought that (after reading your comment and others). Having said that, the flavour was not bad; simply not as rich and full-bodied as I like. Thanks for your post!

  2. says

    I have a bottle of this sitting on my counter right now. It’s good because it’s cheap! I go to Trader Joe’s for their selection… more beer than wine. But this is a rare find that I will admit I bought based on the price. I was actually looking for the calories in this wine when I found this blog. Glad I did.

    Bottoms up!

  3. Larry Van Deusen says

    Bought a case in Cary NC just to try as it was only 3.99 and it was a Malbec and this was TJs. My wife and her friends really like it. Just good to sip while playing bridge. When I went for more there was none. Perhaps it shall return.

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