2008 Cycle Buff Beauty Malbec/Shiraz $14

buffbeauty80% Malbec and 20% Shiraz, sourced from the Clare Valley in South Australia. 14 months in French oak Barrels (mostly 2nd and 3rd fill). The label is 1960’s biker movie meets a Russ Meyer flick – not your everyday wine label, but then again this is an Australian wine and weird is normal.

The 2008 Cycle Buff Beauty Malbec/Shiraz has aging potential, the winemaker suggests drinking it within the next 8 years. In checking for information on this wine, I found that the % of the blend changes, some bottles are 85% Malbec and others are 80%, so this will probably taste different depending on the blend.

The color is Thanksgiving cranberry sauce red. The nose is dark red fruit, raspberries, black cherry, along with blackberry and plums, but not fresh fruit, more like cooked fruit stew. Velvety mouth feel. Big fruit upfront, blueberry, some cherry and strawberry and  french vanilla, then the oak and tannins kick in, along with a healthy dose of spice. The finish is spicy vanilla creme.

Young, big and fruity, but it has structure. Drinks nicely now, but give it a couple of years and it should really hit its peak.


  1. John Morrison says

    We opened a bottle of this tonight with a spicy casserole. It stood up very well. It’s a nice, fruity wine you can have with spicy food or with roast red meats.

    It’s big and fruit-forward. Very nice!

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