Once Upon A Vine Enchanted Woods Bubbly

onceuponavinebubblyThe Once Upon A Vine Enchanted Woods Bubbly (Limited Edition) is an unconventional blend of 45% Riesling, 40% Pinot Grigio, 9% Sauvignon Blanc and 6% other grapes (why they say “other” grapes and not which actual grapes they used, I don’t know) sourced from vineyards in several California grape growing AVA’s. Once Upon A Vine is one of Rosenblum Cellars labels and Rosenblum is part of the Diageo Chateau & Estate wines. This is a limited edition Bubbly, they only release it at the holidays and the alcohol content is 12% (technical notes) or 12.5% (bottle).

The color is a pale platinum, with large, energetic bubbles, that fade a little too quickly. The nose (remember, don’t swirl, you release the bubbles) is peaches in cream, pear, grapefruit and a touch of melted butter. It tastes of tart apple, even tarter lemon/lime, a mix of peach and pineapple. There is a nice touch minerality at the mid palate and the acidity is well balanced. The finish is tart citrus and really never goes away.

The Once Upon A Time Enchanted Woods Bubbly is a well made, good tasting, fairly dry (not sweet), fun Sparkling wine. This is a fruit (and citrus) forward Bubbly, with very little of the yeasty flavors of Champagne, which is a plus for many inexpensive Bubbly drinkers. The Enchanted Woods Bubbly is a little light on the Bubbles, but it is heavy on taste.



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