2010 Primal Roots Red Blend

BSHT01_-1_1_06142011131646678The 2010 Primal Roots Red Blend is 43% Merlot, 37% Syrah and 20% Zinfandel sourced from multiple California grape growing AVA’s, though they say that 90% of the grapes came from the North Valley, which is a combination of several AVA’s from Lodi on up. The wine was aged in French oak barrels and the alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is seriously purple with a clear halo. The nose is black cherry, toasty vanilla and Spice Drops candy. Medium bodied and silky smooth, it tastes of raspberry, tea, Snickers bar chocolate and a touch of orange zest. The mid palate is blueberry and vanilla with a little spiced cider. The tannins are soft and smooth and acidity is not an issue. The finish is weak compared to the main body of the wine.

The Primal Roots Red Blend is a wine that does not give you much of a reason to expect much from it, but ends up delivering a good deal of satisfaction. It has tons of flavor, good structure (it is well made, there is a nice backbone for all the various tastes to hang on to) and is cheap, I found it at a supermarket for $8.99. This is a modern, inexpensive and extremely drinkable wine



  1. […] The project itself requires very little materials – The hardest part is acquiring enough corks.  Everyone knows a wine-o or a bartender though –  Just ask them nicely to start saving corks for you (Thanks Laur!).  Better yet, take this opportunity as an excuse to try some new wines!  Two of my favorites right now are Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and Primal Roots Red Blend. […]

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